The photography of Darren Nisbett portrays haunting portraits of isolation, desolation, and the abandoned. Through a distinguished, cinematographic use of framing and lighting, Nisbett endows his elegant photographs with a sense of both forsaking and nostalgia. Remarkably, while evoking such elemental human concepts in his scenes, Nisbett intentionally eschews any human subjects. Instead, he explores the energy of humanity's interference by focusing his lens on beautiful settings that imply society's presence, but are achingly absent of it. Silently, they echo life.

MY PROCESS I use a Sony A7r digital camera with a selection of new and vintage film lenses, most of them bought from ebay and car boot sales. Raw images and the digital darkroom are the basis for my images but like the feel of vinyl records and the warmth, hiss and crackle of music, I love the analogue feel of traditional photographic film. My workflow combines the tactile feel of my surface tablet working directly on the image like paint on a canvas, with my love of analogue which I use to emphasise the atmosphere and emotion that I feel in these empty silent places where the shutter button was pressed